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The first thing I do when I arriving at the office in the morning is looking through all the new sales on our website and decide which brands we want to promote and share with you via our blog, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Of course, our own preferences also come to into play every now and then, especially when we find a brand we are in love with. In fact, this is how I have decided on the topic for this blog post. Being German, I immediately notice if we have a German brand on sale: Adidas, Birkenstock, Basler….Noticing it is one story, being enthusiastic about it is a totally different one. Particularly, when you are German and let’s face it, showing emotions is not our strongest part! So, believe it or not, I actually got quite excited when I checked sales today because I read one word: Liebeskind!

I was over the moon when I found out that this label is on sale. You know how some people say, one day I will buy a Gucci, Prada, Berkin or whatever handbag? Well, for me Liebeskind is the one! It is hard to describe how many German girls put a Liebeskind bag on their bucket list. Maybe you are now asking yourself “So what’s so special about this brand?”. I am so in love with this brand, I cannot even tell.

First of all, it’s about bags, so that’s reason number one why Liebeskind is great. As we all know there is no such thing as I own too many handbags. One simply does not say something like this. Secondly, it is all about the design. As much as I love colourful and unusual handbag designs, I still always end up buying more casual and neutral looking bags (which I think is true for most people) and that’s essentially what this label is famous for: casual but modern designs in earthy tones made from fine, untreated leather. Thirdly, it was founded in Berlin. You might now think, so what?! Well, there’s a good reason why I am listing Berlin as one of the reasons why Liebeskind is great. For Germans, Berlin is kind of the place to be, especially when you are from a tiny little Bavarian village like me! 😆 Among fashionistas, Berlin is famous for its casual and laid-back style. It’s all about mixing comfort with fashion and that’s what Liebeskind embodies. Another good reason for getting one of their handbags is the quality. While I am writing this I remember something one of my colleagues told me the other day: ‘Getting a nice handbag is the same as getting a leather jacket. Yes, genuine leather jackets are expensive but once you have found the right one, it will last for ages and will never go out of fashion.’ In my eyes, she’s totally right! Clearing our wardrobe and picking out old items is hard enough, so I believe we should opt for 1 or 2 quality products which we can combine with various outfits over the years.

Now that I have declared my love to Liebeskind, let’s finally see how they actually look like! Here are my five favourite bags of our sale for you:


No excuses, ladies, we all need a chic black handbag. Karla Black Soft Leather Handbag was RM1619 and is now RM1199.

Antje Occa Soft Leather Handbag

So much space, that’s my kind of bag! Antje Occa Soft Leather Handbag was RM1990 and is now RM1299.


Because I love the colour! Fenja New Chestnut Soft Leather Handbag was RM1345 and is now RM999.


Super chic, love the details! Myrthe Honey Soft Leather Crossbody was RM921 and is now RM559.


I don’t like drinking cognac, but I want this bag! Pretty Light Cognac Soft Leather Handbag was RM1386 and is now RM999.

I hope I could turn you into real Liebeskind enthusiasts. So make sure you get one of the bags when you will head to Europe and visit Berlin one day 🙂

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